Beyond text?

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Résumé / Abstract
$a La quatrième de couverture indique: "This book addresses a series of questions concerning the relationship between anthropological understandings of the world, sensory perception and aesthetic practices. It suggests that if different sensory experiences embody and facilitate different kinds of knowledge, then we need to develop new methods and more appropriate forms of representation that are not based solely around text or on correspondence theories of truth. As such, Beyond text? brings together leading figures in anthropology, visual, sound and film studies to explore how knowledge, sensation and embodied experiences can be researched and represented by combining different visual, aural and textual forms - for example text and image, image and sound, body and voice. What - the contributors ask - is the relationship between the interiority of a person's experience and its exteriority that is present to the eye, the ear and other sense organs that make the experience open to anthropological forms of documentation, theorisation and representation? Beyond text? argues that there is a necessary, critical development in our ways of knowing that must take place not merely at the level of theory and representation but also through innovative fieldword methods and media practices."
Manchester University Press

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